Call for Participation

8th International Workshop on
High-Level Parallel Programming Models and
Supportive Environments

held in conjunction with

Nice, France, April 22 2003

Program for HIPS 2003

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HIPS 2003 is a full-day workshop to be held at the IPDPS 2003 focusing on high-level programming of parallel and grid architectures. Its goal is to bring together researchers working in the areas of applications, computational models, language design, compilers, system architecture, and programming tools to discuss new developments in programming such systems.

One of the keys for a (commercial) breakthrough of parallel processing and grid computing are high-level programming models that allow to produce truly efficient application, as only they allow a wide range of users in a broad spectrum of application domains to fully exploit the capabilities and resources of these architectures. However, current implementations of high-level programming models often suffer from low performance, from the lack of corresponding high-level development tools, e.g. for performance analysis, and from restricted applicability. This situation requires strong research efforts in the design of parallel programming models and languages that are both at a high conceptual level and implemented efficiently, in the development of supportive tools, and in the integration of languages and tools into convenient programming environments.

Topics of interest:

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

Papers should describe the interaction of high-level programming models with compilers, run time systems, and hardware support.

Please note that there will be a separate workshop on Testing and Debugging for Parallel Systems (PADTAD) .

Schedule and Submission Procedure:

Papers, not exceeding 10 pages in IEEE style, are requested by November 18th 2002. The submission service will be handled fully electronically.

To the HIPS 2003 submission server .

All accepted papers will be published by IEEE CS-Press in separate HIPS 2003 proceedings.


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Martin Schulz,, 16th January 2003.